Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
Luxury Float
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Lisos Terracotta


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The Lisos Collection is defined by classic and tasteful design. Taking a minimalist approach to the use of clean and bold colours, and embracing a ‘less is more’ mentality.


    Oliver James lilo; cover and inflatable

    USB Rechargeable Pump
    OJ Storage Strap
    OJ lilo bag
    OJ Pump Bag
    TPU Repair Patches
    Owner's Manual

    Industry leading quality and performance

    Oliver James lilos share a passion for design, craft and technology. Woven outdoor performance fabrics and soft-to-touch TPU inflatable film create a secure, long-lasting luxury pool float which inflates with seamless movement and precision-engineered design.

    Made by skilled craftsmen

    Our lilos can fit right into a cosmopolitan environment or make a stylish statement at the beach and pool, and are produced by artisans from tactile, machine-washable European fabrics.

    Uniquely comfortable experience

    Oliver James designs and engineers all of its products to resist outdoor elements using the best quality fabrics and electronics that withstand salt water and blazing sunlight. They are simple to care for and install. Our material composition is Patent Pending and ergonomic designs Registered®.


    "Luxurious and Dreamy! Relaxing on my Lilos is like floating on a cloud. Absolute serenity. They are so beautiful and the simplistic design looks gorgeous in my pool. Hands down the most gorgeous pool floats I have ever owned. The packaging is so lovely and Oliver is so wonderful to interact with.
    I will enjoy every blissful moment as I drift away in total relaxation. Thank you Oliver!"

    Michelle H.

    "I will never buy another pool float. Every single float I've ever owned has sunk into the water or left me teetering on the edge of falling off, no matter what the package promises. But not my Lilo! I love the fact that I can lounge in the pool comfortably, or I can pull it out and place it on the deck for an instant lounge chair. I've left it inflated during some of the hottest weeks on record in Southern California, and it hasn't lost any air or faded. The fabric is incredibly durable without being rough on the skin, and the classic look adds style and chicness that goes above and beyond your traditional blow up. I am THOROUGHLY impressed. 11 out of 10!"

    Leah N.

    "Our Oliver James pool float is one of the greatest things in our backyard! We love how easy it is to inflate and deflate and of course using it daily in the sun! If you ever wished that you could throw a mattress into your pool and lay on it all day just buy a Lilo! Definitely will be recommending to friends!"

    Amanda G.






    Our covers are in industry-leading outdoor performance fabrics. These beautiful woven materials create a luxurious feel of unparalleled quality.

    Our inflatables are made of thick, puncture-proof, rubberized TPU Polyurethane film, the most durable and recyclable material currently available for inflatables.

    The texture means that your lilo has all the benefits of an inflatable but feels palatial.